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AgriBax Global | Food Trading & Marketing


Success in product quality and brand integrity.


Quality food grade and I.P. varieties.


Red and green lentils in all sizes available.


Special Crops
Canary seed, flax seed, mustard seed and more.

Who We Are

AgriBax Global delivers more than 25 years of agri-food sales and marketing expertise to its customers, suppliers and partners. Company founder, Garth Baxter, began his career in agri-food commodities in Toronto in 1988 with Canada Packers Inc. International Trade Division (CP ITD) 

Over the following years and through a company transition from CP ITD to Maple Leaf Foods International, Garth and his team built a large food grade soybean export business to Asia and Europe by always asking the customer what they needed – what challenges can we solve together?  More recently, Garth has been involved with green field business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions all within the agri-food industry.

AgriBax Global will always ask the question “what challenges can we solve together?” It is the first step to deliver success and create value for all:  from seeds to satifsfaction.